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20 images that will make you want to visit Alhambra (Granada)


Sunsets & Bubbles – 7/12/15

There is a place, just a couple of hours flight from London -same on average from other European airports-, in which the sun shines throughout the month of December and where you can transport yourself to “One Thousand and One Nights” of magic tales… All whilst getting lost through beautiful palaces, gardens, greenery, fountains, all overlooking the snowy profile of Sierra Nevada on one side and the typical city of Granada on the other… That place is Alhambra and it is a palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Andalusia, dated from the Islamic Kingdom in the Iberian Peninsula, Al Andalus.

Play me with this read…

Alhambra made it to the shortlist for the New 7 Wonders of the World, but as stunning as it is, it wasn’t easy with “rivals” such as Machu Pichu or Petra…

I visited la Alhambra last year for my birthday on the 18th of December, and these are some of the snapshots that I got from that visit… followed by an utterly delicious tapas lunch on a terrace in the sunshine in downtown Granada…
-Granada is the most popular place in the whole of Andalusia for tapas, you can genuinely have lunch or dinner without spending a penny on food! Every time you order a drink you get a complimentary delicious and fairly big tapa with your drink… The trick is to alternate “cañas” and “mostos”, so you don’t get a little too tipsy too soon ; ) – (mosto is a sort of grape juice made of pressed grapes before they go into the wine process).

Here’s a bit of what goes down in La Alhambra… To me, one of the most beautiful and magical historical complex in Spain and in the world… (Links & Info after the photos)

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Let’s see what we get up to for my birthday in Andalusia this year! Can’t wait! : )

Images can’t show enough the magic of the place, so my best tip to you is to get down there and experience it yourself ; )
Here’s some links & useful info:

Andalusia Tourism
Granada Tourism
Alhambra Visits & Tickets
Best way to get there either Granada or Malaga airport -Just 1.5hrs. drive from Malaga, so that you can get to enjoy the seaside too ; ) – here’s a link to a previous post on Malaga & Costa del Sol

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