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80 Snapshots that will make you want to book a YOLO Trip to India now!

Sunsets & Bubbles – 22 February 2016

January 2016, 16 travellers, 10 nationalities, 15 days, one country… It wasn’t the “on the road” version of Big Brother, but the group trip we came to do together through G Adventures : )

I have always wanted to go to India, but I was always a bit reluctant about backpacking there by myself.

India, same as many other countries in Asia, has the difficulty of not offering such an organised transport network as we may do in Europe, but to be honest, it is absolutely doable and a hundred times better that you may think beforehand.

Like with the transport, there are many other preconceived ideas about the country, that may put us a bit off for a solo trip. Let me tell you, there are a lot of misconceptions about India, it is a lot more easy going that one can think when reading about it before visiting.

Now, if you want to forget about the hassle and concentrate in enjoying on a lot more easy pace, then an organised tour is your best bet.

There are a lot of companies out there that get it well right, and I’m sure if you do a bit of research you’ll find the one tour that works perfectly fine for you. For India, me and my friend who I was traveling with chose Uncover India by G-Adventures, and it was simply spot on.

Mercedes and I started off our trip on the 31st of December, which was such a good idea. We took off in London at 9pm on New Years Eve and landed in New Delhi on the New Years Day at 10am, to a brand new year, country, culture, weather… Incredible great feeling for the first day of the year! : )

The tour gets started in Delhi, then you get an early wake up call to head towards Agra to begin the tour, nothing less than with the Taj Mahal, not bad in it?! : )

Our tour was made of a very international group of 15 of us, a superb local guide and the countless beautiful places, people, sunsets, sunrises, meals, cows, doggies, songs, temples, beaches… that we came across along our two weeks trip.

Here’s a bit of what went down last January in our Uncover India Trip, thanks to everyone who made this one a very special way of starting 2016! : )

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