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A very pleasurable bite in Covent Garden: Magnum Store London



The pop-up Magnum Pleasure Store is open in Covent Garden, London, right until the end of August.
So you still have an entire month to make your way down to Covent Garden and get your incredibly yummy and beautiful personalised Magnum ice-cream.

This is a bit of an adventure, not only is there just one month left… But once you get there, you’ll need to queue in true British style to get you in the store.

Once in the store, you’ll need to make some tough decisions…

A – Vainilla ice-cream or chocolate ice-cream

B – Three toppings to choose from millions of different ones, like: Hazelnuts, Nuts, Pistachio Nuts, Honey-crumbs, Blackberry Sprinkles, Multicolor Sprinkles, Strawberry Chocolate Pearls, Silver Pearls, Cristalised Mint Leaves, Black Pearls, Suphur Dioxide and a long etcetera.

C – Which chocolate sauce you want on your ice cream to be dipped in: Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate or white chocolate…


D – Which chocolate sauce you want your ice cream decorate spread in lines over your ice-cream…

E – What type of Magnum chocolate stamp you want to add to the final creation, white or milk chocolate…

And voila! You’ll get your very personalised and very delicious Magnum ice-cream : )

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