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All I can say is… Dark Chocolate & Nutella!


Sunsets & Bubbles – 14 April 2016

Hi all! : )

I don’t know if you may have had the chance to read the post I published last week on Lightness and Yoga (LINK)? In this blogpost, I was telling how yoga had completely shifted my eating habits and how I am a big believer that when doing things with the right balance and according to what your body needs in each moment, you can’t go wrong.

That’s something I totally try to embrace at all levels and in all areas in my life -I said “I try too”, still getting there 😉 – But the idea is to try and get balance between the things we need to do and the things we like doing, all combined in a way that the ones that need doing, become pleasurable too…!

In this case, this post is purely about things I like doing: Baking, Taking photos & CHOCOLATE!!! : ) Last Sunday, we had the perfect excuse to get together with my mum to experiment a bit in the kitchen with a new recipe. We made a Dark Chocolate & Nutella Cake! It came up just like this…

To go with this read…

Ps. For me, what made this cake so deliciously looking and tasting was the Nutella Frosting. Very easy to make, simply mix 3/4 of a big jug of Nutella with 250gr. of dark chocolate ready to melt. Gently combine both while heating, stirring with a tiny bit of water. Once is ready, pour it very slowly all over the cake, don’t spread it, just let it do its own forms and fall at the edges for a very rustic and pretty final touch : ) – it will go perfect with your favourite chocolate sponge cake…

Hope you like it! x

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