Basic Principles of Yoga - Bolonia, Cadiz - August 17

Hello lovely yogis! Full of excitment I’m super happy to announce that I will be running a summer retreat with especial focus on ‘Basic Principles of Yoga’, a sweet induction to the world of yoga, surrounded by one of my favourite places in the world, the magical Cadiz!

WHEN: Tuesday 15th of August to Friday 18th of August (3 nights)
You can plan for your arrival on the Tuesday during the afternoon, any time after 3pm and your departure at around 2pm on the Friday (After lunch).

WHERE: La Laguna (Bolonia, Cadiz) – At the southernmost point of Europe, right opposite the African coasts of Morocco.
We will be staying at La Laguna, a gorgeous cottage placed in the Natural Park of El Estrecho, in the heart of the mountains and fields of Bolonia, right on the north side of the beautiful beaches of Punta Paloma.



This special retreat will be a lovely mix of learning, practicing, relaxing & letting go: The idea along the 4 days stay in La Laguna is to get an understanding of what is yoga, basic principles and how to incorporate yoga benefits into our lives.

We will be having a nice mix of: Physical practice of yoga, guided meditations, talks and theory sessions about yoga history and philosophy, yoga breathing techniques, guided relaxations and also time to relax and enjoy La Laguna and the countryside around La Laguna.

Here’s a short summary of the programme -Little updates will be applied closer to the dates and full programme will be provided too-:

– Tuesday:
6pm – Greetings and welcome
8pm – Dinner
9.30pm – Yoga Nidra (Guided Relaxation)

– Wednesday:
Herbal tea – Fruits available
8am – Guided Meditation
8.30am – Vinyasa Flow Yoga
9.45am – Breakfast
12pm – Theory session: What is Yoga – The path of Raja Yoga
2pm – Lunch
Time to relax, siesta…
6.30pm – Pranayama session
7pm – Yin Yoga class (Passive deep stretching and letting go session)
9pm – Dinner

– Thursday:
Herbal tea – Fruits available
8am – Chakras healing guided Meditation
8.45am – Vinyasa Flow Yoga session
10am – Breakfast
12pm – Theory session:
The Yogic vision of the body (The physical and the subtle body)
2pm – Lunch
Time to relax, siesta…
7pm – Nice walk to the beach – Yoga session to relax & connect with nature – Picnic Dinner at the beach (weather allowing) – Evening walk back to La Laguna

– Friday:
Herbal tea – Fruits available
Early hours silence walk to contemplate the sunrise
Silence Meditation – Walk back to La Laguna
8.30am – Vinyasa Flow Yoga
10am – Breakfast
12pm – Theory session: Meditation & Mindfulness
2pm – Lunch

– Bookings before 31st of May: €380/person
– Bookings after 1st of June: €430/person
Reservation: 190 euros, the rest would be paid cash upon arrival or either via bank transfer the week of the start of the retreat.

– 3 nights accommodation in shared rooms.
(Rooms are double and triples – They will be allocated alongside the bookings are made)

– Meals:
Dinner the first night.
Breakfast, lunches and dinners during the whole stay.
Lunch on the departure day.
* All meals will be served at La Laguna or either on picnic format, that we will be bring with us from La Laguna.
* La Laguna serves a lovely wide variety of vegetarian meals, all based on natural, seasonal and mainly locally sourced eco products, cooked with tones of love on a mix of international styles and traditions (Hindi, Ayuverdic, Mexican, Peruian, Andalusian, Chinese, Thai…).
* Natural Water, fruits selection and herbal teas will be available daily at all times, for you to serve yourself at your own leisure.

– Activities: Dynamic Yoga, Yin Yoga, Relaxing Yoga, Guided meditation, guided relaxation, short hikes.

* What is not included:
Transport to the retreat.
Transport during the stay.
Any extras not detailed above.

– Massages (Pre-booking needed)
– You can extend your stay at the gorgeous surrounding areas: Natural Bolonia, Wind and Kite Surfers paradise Tarifa, Hippie Caños, stunning traditional Andalusian style Vejer…
Get in touch to ask me anything, I’ll be happy to help yourself get organised : )

– Comfy clothes, hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun.
Be aware that the weather in this area of Cadiz is a little unpredictable, we may have really hot days, maybe some wind, also the temperatures may drop a bit at night. It is advisable to bring along some warm clothe and long sleeves, just in case.
– Swimsuit and beach towel
– Sun lotion
– A torch or front-torch
– Your own bottle to be filled with water and take with you to the classes and walks
– Your own yoga mat
– A book for your spare time
– Your best smile and wishes to enjoy, relax and let yourself get nurtured by the lovely healing energy of Cadiz and el Estrecho : )

– All yogis and yoginis that have been practicing yoga for a while and that would like to get a deeper understanding of their practice.
– Anyone who’s interested-curious about getting into yoga.

There’s s a main requirement, you’ll need to want to spend a few relaxing days, learning about yoga and surounded by beautiful nature : )

The classes are open level, some will be more dynamic, some more passive.

626 327 218 –

Namasté : )