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Canary Wharf London, the casual side of the coin


Sunsets & Bubbles – 17 February 2016

Hi guys, some of you might have seen yesterday the Photo 265 of my 365Day Photo Challenge, which was a shot of Ben Kingsley (King Ben), as a little sneak peak to his new Instagram post.

This Friday I am doing another mini photoshoot session with Ben, and on Saturday with another London based fashion influencer, Laura.

And that reminded me that I actually had worked with both of them for different fashion shoots, sharing the very same background, Canary Wharf.

I loved the results of both shoots, I never really saw Canary Wharf in that way. In fact, until the shoot with Laura, I hadn’t been there for something like 4 years!

Canary Wharf is the area that has the highest concentration of banks in town, and hence, the higher concentration of corporate suits. Let’s say it’s not too vibrant and colorful around there on a Monday to Friday basis, and you’d tend to think there’s not much going on during the weekend either.

Wrong! Regardless the corporate side of it all, Canary Wharf is placed in a beautiful strategic location in London, which means you get stunning views over town and the river, the sunsets from there are definitely worth checking! There’s lots of nice bars and restaurants, all away from the crowds of central London, it feels surprisingly relaxing around there! Bankers knew they’d spend crazy hours in there, might better off having good views along with it if anything! : )

I am going to let you take a look at the images from both shoots, so that you can see a less dressed-up side of Canary Wharf in London.

Some of you probably remember Laura, as I published a Brunch Club Post with her some time ago. Here’s the link to her blogpost [The Dress Down]* with the photos from our photoshoot.

Ben, proud Londoner, is one of those ones who doesn’t seat still! He works in corporate sales, but has a lot of cool music and fashion related projects on the go aside from his 9 to 5 job. He’s got a really good eye for photography and we definitely had fun during this shoot down at his end of the woods. He lives near Canary Wharf with his beautiful girl, he knows the area upside down and showed me some pretty cool spots in there.

Here are the images, I genuinely hope you like them!

Happy Wednesdays : )

Charo x

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