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Easter Weekend UK Ideas: Norfolk it is!


Sunsets & Bubbles – 10 March 2016

Easter weekend is around the corner, and it looks like everyone but me has already plans to get out of town for a nice little break! I will be spending Easter weekend shipping my stuff to Spain, I thought I’d go for something different this year ; )

I’m sure you already have your plans more than lined up, but in case you’re still waiting for some last minute inspiration on where to go, in this occasion I’m going to recommend you to head to Norfolk! That’s what we did for Easter last year and I enjoyed a great fun long weekend filled with countryside vibes, great food & beautiful beaches!

Play me with this read…

Norfolk is a county on the English east coast, a very easy 2hour train journey from London. We headed to Norwich, the main town, where we stayed with some friends, that were the best hosts ever! : )

There are plenty of cool places to stay there, an airbnb probably would be your best bet! Norwich is a pretty little town, it’s totally walkable and easy to get around. It has lots of cute shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and lots lots lots of churches! I asked something like 10 times “Is this the cathedral” before getting to the actual cathedral! There is a big students community, which means also the nightlife is pretty good…

Once you get out of Norwich, ideally you want to drive a car, easiest way to get around. Then you can choose between the countryside if that’s more your thing, there are plenty of nice little villages all over, or you may rather do what we did and head straight to the seaside. Just remember, it’s all very chilled and sort of family orientated, so don’t expect nothing too crazy. Norfolk is great to relax and enjoy the traditional English way : )

Here are some recommendations on a few cool places we found along the way.

Enjoy & happy travels! xx

Bishop’s Dining Room & Wine Bar 
Roger Hickman’s Restaurant – Michelin Star for a little treat
Lam Thai – Great Thai food and very good value for money
Frank’s Bar – Cool vibe cafe & bar
Gonzo’s Tea Room – Bar – Club

Wells next to Sea

The Hoste Hotel & Gastro-pub  


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