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10 Reasons why you need to take on an Adventure & Yoga Retreat in Spain!


Sunsets & Bubbles – 02/06/16

For those of you following the blog, you probably have noticed that I have been spending these last few days in Suryalila Yoga Retreat.

I am personally not doing a yoga retreat, as I am here to take on my 200hrs yoga teacher training that started this last Sunday. But I have been super lucky to have been hosted by the Suryalila family the week before the training kicked off… And that has given me the chance to get to enjoy some bits and pieces of what a Yoga Retreat in south of Spain tastes like, and it tastes amazing! : )

I arrived here on Saturday a week ago, the arrival day of the fifteen adventurous yogis that had booked their Adventure & Yoga Holiday in Suryalila. This retreat week in Andalusia -and I think from what I’ve heard, that’s a feeling shared by everyone that has been part of this group-, has been a total pleasure to the senses…

I’ll try to give you some highlights and some of the reasons why if you would like to embark in an unforgettable, magical, very pleasurable and utterly healthy week, you should get yourself a spot in one of the coming up Adventure & Yoga Retreats in Suryalila! –Links to see the calendar of available retreats further below-.

1- The natural setup of Suryalila Yoga Retreat is plainly and simply wonderful. Set in Cadiz (Andalusia), the southernmost point of Europe, Suryalila is a typical Spanish architecture white converted farm, with the perfect mix of Asian and traditional Andalusian deco and set on top of a mild hill, among golden and green fields, flowers, farms and beautiful walking paths. I mean it when I say this is a magical oasis of peace on earth.

2- The food is honestly, to die for. A very wide range of delicious vegetarians meals, all based on seasonal, locally sourced organic ingredients and very beautifully displayed. I have honestly never tried such a tasty bolognese sauce, funny enough this one fully made with with vegetables and mince walnuts…!

3- The energy that’s brought together by the guests is beautiful. Pretty much everyone coming to spend some time in a yoga retreat is about the same, good vibes and a happy, mindfulness, healthy and peaceful living. You will get to meet interesting like-minded people whom you’ll share great chats with, definitely with a very nice homey feeling. And that energy gets definitely very tangible during the group yoga sessions : )

4- Because you’ll get a good adrenaline boost, experiencing some outdoors fun while canyoning through the Green Gorge, hiking in Grazalema Natural Park, bike riding through Green Road or rock climbing La Via Ferrata in Ronda.

* Last two images source: Suryalila 

5- You will be able to visit some of the very traditional and beautiful white villages in the surroundings, such as Ronda, Arcos de la Frontera or the neighbouring Prado del Rey.

6- And you’ll get to practice your daily yoga routine in places like this…

7 – And to chill out by their very relaxing salt water pool area.

8- You’ll get to experience sunsets like this… daily!

9- You’ll get to say hi to these guys every day on your way to yoga : )

10- You’ll make time for yourself. This can be from going on a nice walk, having a good meditation session overlooking the lovely scenery, seating in any of the hidden chilling areas spread by Suryalila, thinking about things you wanted to reconsider, leaving your mind peacefully blank or maybe you’ll get a chance to finish that book that you so wanted to finish but never really got the time to quite end! ; )

I think as much as I try to explain how magical and stunning this place is, you need to come and experience it yourself… And honestly, the Adventure & Yoga Retreat is a great option to give it a go! With a daily invigorating morning vinyasa flow yoga class, three, way too delicious, daily vegetarian meals, evening restorative ying yoga classes for a good stretch after each day’s action, all the outdoor activities plus some more you can choose at your own pace, such as Spanish lessons, horse riding, massages sessions, etc.

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For me, being from this side of the world and having spent almost 6 years living abroad and traveling a lot the world, it is being a mind-blowing experience to get to appreciate and experience all that this beautiful area and Suryalila has to offer : ) – I would genuinely recommend you guys get to experience it all yourself…

Here’s the calendar with all the coming up Adventure & Yoga Retreats.

And if you have any questions, just drop me a line, will be pleased to help in what I can!

Keep an eye on the blog for coming articles on yoga and a healthy and pleasurable living 🙂

I will also be publishing some playlists that will definitely put you in the mood for Yoga & a happy mood!


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