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5 Reasons you should get into Yoga, by Alicia Waters


Sunsets & Bubbles – 12 October 2016


Hi all! If you follow the blog, you may well remember that a few weeks back I published a post talking about the ‘5 reasons to get into yoga by Vidya Jacqueline Heisel’, one of my beloved teachers in my 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training.

Here I come with the second of these three amazing Yoga warriorsAlicia Waters. Born in the East coast of the US, Alicia is now based with her husband in the West coast of another country starting with U, the UK in this case. They live in the ever-charming Cornwall, where she teaches yoga on the mat and on the paddleboard!

“I absolutely love teaching yoga because it allows me to share my passions for health, human connection, and utter enthusiasm for living this precious human life!”

With this read, play this…

Alicia was our asanas, alignment and assisting teacher and she did teach us a lot! I can still picture and almost hear her giving us her precise verbal cues to get into a specific pose. During the training, we also had the pleasure to enjoy two 2-hour sessions lead by Alicia, and they both were absolutely mind-blowing! She is genuinely one of the most inspiring yoga teachers I’ve ever had a class with and can’t wait to go on one of her retreats at some point soon!
Alicia gave us her main 5 reasons why people should consider getting into yoga and here they are:

1 – YOGA GIVES YOU AN OPPORTUNITY TO HONOR YOURSELF – Yoga helps you form a positive relationship with yourself, giving you the tools to be able to listen to your own inner guidance, tuning with yourself. It is a great way to find a deeper purpose in life, that sense of connection to yourself and to others. The yogic “We are all one” – supporting our earth and our fellow humans. Yoga allows you to really feel that. A lot of people feel resentful, dull or a little lost or depressed/purposeless in their life, and that’s where yoga comes into place: The biggest gift of yoga is to really find yourself, to feel the inner joy, contentment & peace that are your true nature.

2- PHYSICAL BENEFITS – You need to do a little research trying to find the style or class that resonates with you. The whole practice of yoga is about listening to your body and moving the body in the ways that it was designed to move. Sometimes other sports, even if they’re also wonderful, are not really designed to serve the body; it’s more the body serving the sport. So yoga one of the best forms of exercises that you can do.

“I firmly believe that yoga is accessible to everyone, to every shape and every body, and I have seen (and lived) firsthand the transformations that are possible with dedicated practice. There is no greater reward than sharing that process with others.”

3- TRAINING THE MIND – Our minds gather all type of different experiences throughout life and create stories out of our lives to try and make some sense and give some meaning. But that also implies that the mind constantly talking to us, describing how we are, how the world is, what we should expect, what we should do… And that can be helpful, but that can also be limiting, especially when the mind starts to tell you negative stories about yourself, other people or the world around you. And that can be very stressful. Yoga helps to see what the mind is doing and start to have some choice in what we believe and think, helping create a positive mindset.

4- YOGA CAN BE A GREAT WAY TO GET OUT AND MEET LIKEMINDED PEOPLE – You’re accessing that more human level of yourself, and that’s a nice way to connect with other people on that foundational level too. Sharing that common willingness to connect without any added masks or roles (job roles, family roles, community roles, etc.) just connecting by who you really are.

5 – BEING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT – One of Alicia’s favourite teachings of yoga is to be in the present moment. She explained how in any moment on any given day, no matter what’s happening in your life, there are so many good things, so many miraculous things: just inhabiting a body, being in a world that is full of incredible views and sounds, other amazing unique people, all of the goodness that’s around us, like seeing the blue sky, feeling a ray of sunshine, that really is the sweetness of life and it’s so easy to miss that. Yoga teaches us to be present to that, to feel that, to be aware of that, not to miss it, so you don’t reach the end of your life and feel like you missed out.

If you’re interested in learning more about Alicia’s classes and retreats, check out her website for all the details.

Thanks lovely Alicia for sharing a bit of Yoga Love with us all!

Happy days everyone!



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