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5 Reasons to get into Yoga by Vidya Jacqueline Heisel


Sunsets & Bubbles – 14 July 2016


Hi all! In this blogpost, we’re going to talk about some more important benefits and reasons to get into yoga.

There are honestly way too many good reasons to get into yoga and to try to understand how this discipline has been bringing love, peace of mind and light to the lives of thousands of people all over the world, for as long as 5,000 years!

Summarising all this in five reasons, is not an easy task, however I just couldn’t resist and I did ask this very same question to the three incredible yoga teachers that I had the honour to have during my Yoga Teacher Training last June: What are your very 5 reasons why people should get into yoga? 

The perfect sounds for this read…

In this first post, I’m sharing with you all the five reasons that Vidya Jacqueline Heisel believes are key for you to get into Yoga.
But, before getting into them, let’s talk a bit about Vidya’s background and experience, as her story itself, is a huge inspiration and reason on its own to start your yoga journey.

Vidya is the owner of the beautiful Suryalila Retreat Center, where I did my Teacher Training. She has been practicing and teaching yoga for no less than 41 years and, you should see her practicing her asanas. Her physique at her current 61 years old is simply amazing. She explains that she owes it all to her very healthy habits, which include a delicious yogic diet, meditation and daily yoga practice.

“I am convinced that Yoga is, as Mr. Iyengar calls it, a path to holistic health.”

Vidya started her love affair with yoga back in 1975, when at the age of twenty she decided to move to India. She lived in an ashram practicing Iyengar yoga for the following few years. She has a very deep knowledge and passion for Eastern philosophy and that’s massively present in her teaching.

She is a certified yoga teacher in several yoga styles and disciplines and has created her own styles too. She has also certified over 1000 Yoga Teachers worldwide and I am lucky enough to be one of them! : )

So here we go with Vidya’s five reasons to get into yoga:

1- BEST PHYSICAL PRACTICE! – Everybody needs to have a form of exercise that can be practiced for their whole life. It’s about finding the one thing that you fall in love with and that inspires you to keep on doing it. If you stay with one thing, you get better and better and that’s when you start getting the benefits from it. Consistent practice of yoga has strong benefits on your health and your body. The combination of physical exercise, a peaceful state of mind that goes along with yoga practice and the great advantages of a vegetarian yogic diet are three causes-effects that are simply a winning combo with Yoga.

2- PRACTICE WITH GREAT LONGEVITY – Linked to the previous one, we get into the second reason, which relates to the fact that you can practice yoga at any age; you can indeed still do yoga well into your eighties and beyond! Other types of exercise may not offer such longevity, as they can be a little too strong to the body or even injurious at times (for example the impact of running to the knees…). 
Even as a career, yoga teaching has longevity, as the older you are, the more inspiring you are for other people. On this subject it’s important to note that a lot of the famous yogis have lived very long lives, well into their nineties and even their hundreds, which only goes to prove that steady consistent practice of yoga has long terms benefits on your health and your body. This is again, according to Vidya, a result of the previous mentioned combination of physical exercise, a peaceful and balanced state of mind and a vegetarian based yogic diet.

3- IT HELPS YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE NATURE OF LIFE – The philosophy behind yoga, offers an interpretation of life that helps you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the meaning of your own life and experiences. Spiritually, Yoga encourages deep introspection, contemplation and study and has the potential to to help you taste your true essence. The practice of yoga itself is pretty introspective, as it can give you a meditative experience and, if taught in the right way, is indeed a moving meditation. The asana practice may become a portal through which you may access a world of new possibilities or perspectives that you may not have even considered before.

4- NETWORKING WITH LIKEMINDED PEOPLE – Yoga gives you the chance to meet a big community of likeminded people, "your tribe". At the end of the day, yoga is a way of living in a more healthy, wholesome and nourishing way. Yoga is a lifestyle that enables you to meet other people that may share your interest in cultivating a more peaceful, calm, generous and kind approach to life.

5- YOGA IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO ANYWHERE, all you need is a mat. You can do your own practice anywhere. You don’t need to find a gym or even a teacher, as there are lots of good classes online. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. It’s a very portable practice.

If you’re interested in learning more about Vidya’s workshop and retreats, her amazing Yoga Retreat Centre in south of Spain and her Yoga Teacher Trainings, here’s some info:

Suryalila Retreat Center Andalusia
Yoga Teacher Training Calendar

Massive thanks to Vidya for all her time, insight and teaching! : )

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* Images provided by Frog Lotus Yoga

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