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Sunsets & Bubbles – 27 April 2016

Hi All,

It’s taken me a while to come back with the fifth and last post of the series about yoga but here we are!
The last bit I wanted to talk about in this series is the “Connection to Self“.

But wait, what do I mean by connection in this article? I am talking about connection as in being sync and in good tune with yourself.

That “connection” in my case for instance is what made me take the decision of moving to London right when I did. Not before, not after, bust just then. And it was the same connection that made me take the decision of leaving London right when I did.

We call it “intuition”, “gut feeling”, “listening to your heart”. It’s deleting all external and internal (mind) noises and go with our real flow.


PART 5: Connection to self – So then, another pretty cool side effect of your yoga practice will be to strengthen the direct line to yourself. Some times we get a little disconnected to ourselves, in the sense that we may feel a bit like the intuition button has been switched off and we’re somehow hesitant in what to do next, what decision to take… It happens because it has to happen I guess. It’s part of the journey, you get disconnected to then get connected back even stronger ; )

Think about situations like, “Shall I stay in this job or shall I try and get a new one”, “Shall I continue seeing this guy or shall I stop it”, “Shall I get my baby in nursery and start working or shall I stay with him a little longer”, “Shall I stay in my flat or shall I move in with my boyfriend” or the lot simpler “Shall I order a burger or shall I order a salad” – Decisions decisions decisions.

As a matter of fact this hesitation and standby situation generates stress. Isn’t it true that we all get a really nice relieving feeling once we take a decision whichever decision it is?

When you’re on the yoga mat, without even realising, you stop your thoughts and like that, you give your brain a break and you establish more clarity. When you are practicing, you need to focus on where to step your feet, where to apply the pressure on the mat, which muscles you need to tighten up, which ones you need to pull down, keep an even breathing pace, where to direct your gaze and so on…

All this is a way of meditation. Meditation will help you get rid of external and internal noises and to get a clearer state of mind. This all means that by practicing on regular basis and by believing in your practice, you will start moving forward taking decisions on a much more intuitive level, which ultimately means, you’ll release the extra pressure we tend to put on ourselves by hanging on “standby” situations & this all means being in an overall happier place to be.

Remember, your decisions don’t necessarily need to be the best decisions, but they will be the decisions that make you the happiest -and to me, that’s what really matters 😉

“5 maneras en las que yoga te hará feliz” (5ta parte: Conexión contigo mismo)

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