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5 ways yoga will make you the happiest you've ever been (Part 2)


Sunsets & Bubbles – 14 March 2016

Last week I started a series of blogposts through which I’m sharing with you 5 ways in which yoga makes you happy day by day.

When I first began yoga a few years back, I started because I knew “it’s good for you” – “If so many people are doing it, it is such an old discipline and it has spread all the way from India throughout the entire world, it must be good” – was my thinking…

Play me…

I didn’t quite know how to relate what I was doing on the yoga mat to the fact that it distresses you and makes you feel better. I knew that like any other form of exercise, it increases your levels of dopamine, and through chemical releases in your brain, you end up feeling happier -dopamine is the same neurochemical we release when we are in love ; )

It was only through timepractice, and reading on the topic in order to feed my endless curiosity, how I came to start experiencing the many ways in which yoga makes you happier not only inside but also outside of the yoga studio. Yoga gives you tools to have a more detached, happier & healthier approach to every day life adventures. 

Last week, we talked about “Balance” -you can click here if you missed that blogpost-. Today, it’s the turn for “BREATHING”.

2/5 Breathe – For me breathing has changed from being a mechanical habit, to a conscious tool that I can use every time I need to slow down, relax, put things into perspective, and so on…

It is known by everyone how important breathing exercises are when it comes to something as big as giving birth. If it is important in that instance, why not add consciousness in breathing into other things in life, such as going for a walk, watching a movie, eating your lunch or even having sex… maybe it all becomes a lot more intense and fun ; )

Through yoga practice, you will learn to breathe in a conscious way, or in other words, you will have consciousness of your breath, which ultimately mean that you will have the power of converting such a natural act, into a magic tool that will save you countless stressful situations.

Don’t believe me? Next time that you find yourself in a stressful situation, try this. When you get home, leave everything, phone on silence mode, lie down on savasana (facing up and arms alongside your body, palms facing up too) and breathe. I am not going to ask you to try and empty your mind of thoughts or anything like this, just simply, let the thoughts be and consciously breathe through your nose. That’s all it takes. See how you feel after, let’s say, 8-10 minutes.

After you have finished with that, I would suggest a hot chocolate, that always helps ; )

That was my thought of the day on yoga practice and how to relate that to your day by day happiness.

Any questions, any comments, please let me know!

Have a great week ahead and keep an eye for the third post next week. Stay tuned via:



Charo x

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