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Sunsets & Bubbles – 8 April 2016 

Namaste Everyone : ) 

First of all, I’d like to apologise for the little delay on the fourth post of the series. Last week I was just in the middle of my big move from London to Malaga. Right now I am actually writing from my new home and in quite a different scenario, I have the Mediterranean sea just in front of me : )

For those of you that have been following the series, you know so far we spoke about Balance, about Breathing and about Stretching. If you otherwise are just catching up with the series with this blogpost, welcome on board : ) -you can click on the above links to read the previous articles-.

In this occasion, I wanted to talk about Lightness. There are different ways of describing lightness in relation to yoga. It can well be lightness in your mind, in your soul, in your heart, in your ways, in your approach, etc. They all come to you through practicing and time. But the type of lightness I’m going to talk about in this blogpost is lightness in your body and as I big foodie I am, how that relates to food.

4/5- Lightness – Related to the previous one, stretching, comes the feeling of lightness.

By getting started in your yoga trip, you will get into more healthy habits, just as a side effect of it. You will feel good through your practice on your yoga mat, and you will want to feel even better. It’s kind of a nice addiction, if you like.

That means, you’ll start paying more attention to things like eating the right food on the right amounts. I mean, I personally eat pretty much everything, in the sense that I am not vegan or vegetarian, if anything I would have come closer to pescetarianism, although I do still eat meat, only that certain types of meat.

My eating habits have changed 180 degrees since I first started practicing yoga. It all goes down to the consciousness once again.

You know that feeling of “Oh no, I’ve eaten or I’ve drank too much…” – Being bloated after a meal or totally awfully hangover the morning after an evening with your friends… Well, you will get less and less of these type of situations, simply because you’ll be more conscious about what you do and how you do it.

My claim is always, we can do things, have a glass of wine with dinner or a burger with fries every now and then, I believe the key is doing it when you really feel like it and doing it in moderation, which is always a winner ; )

When you feel light in your body, you’ll start feeling lightness in every other way and you will ultimately end up feeling in a much much happier place : )

Lots of love,

Charo x

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