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A French & Irish Wedding



As some of you might remember, a couple of months ago we started off The Brunch Club series on the blog with a very yummy brunch in Dalston, London, with Elsa and Lucy, the weekend of Elsa’s hen do [Click here to see the Post].

Last week Elsa and her now husband, Pete, celebrated their very beautiful wedding in the French countryside. They had people coming over from many different places -Ireland, England, Brazil, Spain, Italy…- which resulted on a very much fun super international wedding, with a pretty Irish & French chic touch! : )

I got to France a few days before the wedding and visited a good friend of mine who lives in the mountainous and genuinely beautiful Rhone-Alpes region, -keep an eye on the blog for all about this pretty place-.

After spending the weekend there, I took a train from Lyon to Arbois and, following Elsa’s recommendations on where to stay, pulled my suitcase to the charming l’hotel des Messageries in town centre…

 The first two persons I bumped into when I arrived to the reception at the hotel, were a pair of Hackney looking chaps who undoubtably, were there for Elsa’s wedding too… The receptionist, Thomas, super welcoming and cool guy, greeted me and gave me the heads up on the places not to be missed in the village…

A few hours later Chico, Albert -the aforementioned guys who happened to be Spanish too and really good fun! – and I were having a bottle of the local wine by the lovely terrace of hotel des Messageries… When in Rome… 😉

Then we headed to L’Aiglepierre Town Hall (Eagle Stone for the English speakers!) for the civil ceremony, that followed by a great barbecue & wine feast at Elsa’s parents for the few wedding guests that were already around on Monday…

Tuesday was a day to explore around the charming Arbois and its wonderful surroundings and vineyards… Stay tuned with the blog for the full gallery and recommendations on this hidden gem in France…

Wednesday was the big day and as a picture is worth a thousand words, I leave you with the full gallery of what went down during the day and celebrations… Incredibly pretty, endless fun, wine, champagne, charcuterie, good music and so on…

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Harbourne & thanks guys for a super fun wedding, it’s been amazing! xx

I’m available for wedding & event photography, if you’re interested, get in touch


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  • Hendra Wijaya

    Really love the concept of the wedding. Lovely wedding party 🙂 (Bloglovin)

    • Charo

      Yeah it was super lovely! 🙂 xx