Sunsets & Bubbles is a place where by mixing certain ingredients of our day by day life, we will get to experience how easy and fun it is to enjoy a healthy and at the same time, very pleasurable lifestyle.

Yoga inside and outside the yoga mat, its benefits on everyday life, tips, healthy habits, travels, recipes, recommendations, photography, dreamy places, everyday inspiration and mindfulness. That’s what this blog is all about…

“In the end, only three things matter: How much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you” – BUDDHA

I launched Sunsets & Bubbles in June 2015. The blog initially intended to be purely Travel, based on my photography, with cool bits of Lifestyle here and there. A few months after I launched S&B I went to spend a month traveling in India, and things did change. This will definitely sound stereotypical, I know : ) But it is the reality, things sort of got more into perspective during that magical trip…

I will certainly tell you more about my story, and how I daydreamed and strived to become a super business woman on my early twenties, how I lived the city-girl dream in London during my late twenties and early thirties and how along all these years I came to find myself and the things that truly fulfil me and make me happy, and that definitely are, far from the corporate suit and the meeting room ; )

In India I finally took the decision to take on a Yoga Teacher Training. I have been practicing yoga since 2011, but it was only during my time in India last January, when I decided to jump and take on the challenge to get my yoga practice to the next level : )

Yoga is a way of life, one that I am only starting to discover and understand. Life as Charo, I have had so far 34 years to enjoy, experiencing things, learning, giving in on things that work for me and giving up on others that don’t…

I believe that the perfect measure for everything in life is “moderation”. There will be days in which we will feel like a good intense “Power Yoga” class, where we can sweat it all out. Other days we will want to go for a more relaxing “Hatha” session, where we can slow down body and mind. Some others, we will need to simply seat down and breath, through a subtle meditation…
There are days in which we want to eat a green salad and fresh juice full of vitamins. And there will be other days in which we feel more like a burger and chips. Days of festival and live music with friends, and days where we want to enjoy a nice bottle of wine in good company with a good chat.

I genuinely believe that it is about doing the things we like doing and doing them in the right amount. It is about finding the things that work for us on a physical and emotional level and do more of those and less of the things that don’t. It’s also about giving up in any type of extremes behaviours such as exercise excess, diet excess, beer excess, chocolate excess… You get the picture right? ; )

So that with all this in mind, I will try to share with you guys a mix of tips and healthy habits, a day by day filled with good practices and a sweet approach to life, to practice more on how to appreciate and live a happy life…
I will certainly as well share with you all my first steps in my new yoga trip and continue to share with you all the beautiful things and adventures I come across and experience along the way… : )

Here’s the story about how I decided to name the blog “Sunsets & Bubbles”

Why Sunsets & Bubbles?

Because sunsets are one of the best and most magical natural displays of beauty you can get the chance to enjoy in any destination in the world. Enjoying a sunset in good company, with a good glass of local ‘bubbles’, is one of the coolest things you can get to do on your travels or wherever you are.

Call it a (virgin or full body 😉 mojito in Cayo Guillermo, a caipirinha in Copacabana, a glass of cava in Formentera, prosecco in la Toscana, champagne in Corcega, a caipiroska in St. Petersburg, a pint of ale in London, a Bud in Aspen, a Tiger in Singapore or a Foster’s in Melbourne…

If you’re up for good vibes only and enjoying life to the best, take a wonder! I hope you like it and stick around : )


Charo x

Sunsets & Bubbles | June 2016

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