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Sunsets & Bubbles – 18/05/16

Yes, indeed, love does exist… and it comes in all type of shapes and forms. And one of the most unconditional and beautiful shapes in which love shows up, is definitely the love for someone that you haven’t even met, the love for a baby to be : )

And I think that particular kind of love, gets rather tangible in the images that I am going to share with you all in this blogpost! We had a great evening of photos and giggles yesterday, during this photoshoot with Natalia, mummy to be of little Marco!

For those of you, following the blog, you may remember, a few months back, I published an article with some images from the wedding of my little cousin. Eight months later, here we are with these brand new images, gorgeous the mum to be, beautiful the scenario we, kind of by chance, finally picked in the gorgeous Costa del Sol!

Hope you like them! We are all very very much looking forward to meeting our little Marco! : )

Charo x



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