Basic Principles of Yoga 17 – 18

Basic Principles of Yoga (Deepening your Practice – Personal Growth)



– 4 sessions to be run on 4 Saturday mornings:
Session 1: Saturday 17/03/18
Session 2: Saturday 21/04/18
Session 3: Saturday 12/05/18
Session 4: Saturday 09/06/18

Daily Schedule:
10am – 12pm – Theory and contents.
12 – 12.30pm – Tea Break.
12.30 – 1.30pm- Yoga Practice.
1.30 – 2pm – Meditation & Full Final Relaxation.

* Last day of the course, a delicious full brunch menu is included after class at beautiful Shanti-Som.


(This is a general idea of the programme, we may possibly change the order of the practice some of the days).

MAIN GOALS OF THIS COURSE: Deepening the knowledge in the yoga world, understanding the philosophy behind it, not only on its physical practice but trying to get a better understanding of its many benefits, as a whole in daily life.
Attending this course, you will get to understand the basic principles that make yoga, a unique discipline for your personal growth in all levels, personal, emotional, mental…

Through the programme, we will try to understand why there’s many people practicing yoga and giving statements along the lines of: “Yoga changed my life, I’m a happier and healthier version of myself ever since I started practicing yoga”

“If you practice yoga one a week, you will change your mind. If you practice yoga twice a week, you will change your body. If you practice yoga daily, you will change your life”



First Saturday: 
– Misconceptions and limiting believes about Yoga.
– What is yoga: “Chitta Vritti Nirodha”
– “The power of Vulnerability”
– Breathing importance and Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)

Second Saturday:
– Intro to the History of Yoga.
– Yoga on the mat vs Yoga off the mat on daily life: The 8 Limbs of Yoga by Patanjali.
– Classical Sun Salutation: Benefits, Asanas and sequence, Safety in the practice.

Third Saturday: 
– Classical Yoga vs Modern Yoga: Yoga styles and schools – How to choose the best practice for each one of us at a given time.
– The physical practice of yoga: Different bodies, different practices + Safety in the practice.
– Eastern vs Western Vision of the Body: The Yogic Body (Energy, Channels, the Subtle Body: Koshas and Chakras)

Forth Saturday:
– Symbology in Yoga: Mudras, Bandhas, Drishti, Mantras.
– What is and what is not Meditation?
– Other Techniques: Mindfulness.
– Final Summary.

All bookings made before the 31st of January: 220€ for the course and brunch the last day.
All bookings made after the 1st of February: 250€ for the course and brunch the last day.
To book your space:
50% via bank transfer on booking day.
Remaining 50% cash first day of the course.

What’s included: 
– 4 theory of yoga sessions.
– Guided meditations and relaxations.
– 3 dynamic yoga practices.
– 1 soft yoga – yin yoga practice (Deep stretching and meditative class)
– Tea each day during the tea-break.
– Yoga mats and all props will be provided.
– Full Brunch healthy and delicious menu for the last day of the course, including:
Starter: Special Shanti Som Salad or Beetroot Carpaccio
Main: Green Thai Chicken Curry or Tofu Wok
Mineral Still Water 
Dessert or Tea / Coffee

What to bring along with you: 
Notepad and pen
Your best smile and willingness to learn and enjoy yourself : )

What other yogis thought of this course: 

“So what can I say appart for a massive meaning full thank you x
You have a truly amazing teacher. I feel I have learned & developed so much for do this course with you. All though only very sort, plus me missing a week I still feel that your love & knowledge of yoga was past on to me in such informertive & passionate way. The way you teach is at a level of understanding for everyone, its simple but meaningful & interesting, it grabs you into want to learn more .
So for that, all I can say is I appreciate you sharing you yoga love we me & our little lovely group.
Keep doing more course’s & I will be yogaering with you soon.
love me x”
Victoria Marie O’rourke – Fuengirola Course, May 2017

“Very good morning Charo Mérida I just wanted to thank you again for the fantastic beginners yoga class that you taught us.
You took a lot of time & effort to put each class together.
Your teaching is absolutely fantastic.
Your voice is very therapeutic, calm & gentle which helped greatly especially with meditation time.
I’m so happy & proud of myself for taking your course & now being a YOGI 😊 all thanks to you.
I will be recommending you to anyone who is interested in yoga.
Thank you especially for the lovely sweet gesture on our last day of the delicious cookie your mum made that was so nice 😋
I’m looking very forward to being apart of your classes in June 😘 Namaste 🙏”
Hanieh Sarabi – Walsh – Fuengirola Course, May 2017

Space is limited and these courses tend to fill up quickly, so that is highly recommended to book with time in advance.
If you’re interested in booking your space or learn more about the programme, please get in touch: | + 34 626 327 218 


Looking forward to welcoming you on board and sharing with you all these 4 months of Yoga-Love! : )

Om Shanti