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Beach & Cuban vibes in Camden Town, London



One of the many things I really like about London is the fact that on Sundays everything remains open and lively all around, just like any other day… 
It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be doing anything, as you may well just be at home, watching a movie or having a BBQ with your friends, but the feeling that there are options for things to do if you wanted to, does feel good. 
That was the case on Sunday a couple of weeks ago. We had spent a very chilled and cool day at home with some friends… We felt like doing something not too far away in the evening, so we took a 20-minute bus to have a drink at the beach of Camden… yes, you heard it correctly, there is a beach in Camden… That, and a lot more… Here’s what we found on a random Sunday evening in Camden Town… ; )

Camden Beach at Roundhouse

From Chalk Farm to Camden Town

Fiesta Cubana at The Forge in Camden Town

On this post: 
Camden Beach at Roundhouse: Roundhouse is an arts and concert venue, just off Chalk Farm, a 5-minute walk to Camden Town Station. 
Keep an eye on their ‘What’s on’ section as they usually pull off an amazing line up of music and cultural entertainment… They’ve been home to the famous iTunes Festival for 8 annual editions. A free festival with 30 nights in a row headlining some of the world’s biggest artists: Maroon 5, Pharrell Williams, Beck, Sam Smith, Blondie, Calvin Harris, Kasabian…

The Forge: It’s a really cool and vibrant live music bar, just a 2-minute walk from Camden Town Station. It brings together live classical, folk, jazz and world music and a full programme including DJ’s, club nights, comedy, etc. check out their site for details, they’re open daily. 

What’s your pick for a Sunday evening wherever you’re at?!  
Would love to hear from you! Let’s connect on facebook! : ) 

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