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Sunsets & Bubbles – 25/05/16

Hi guys,

I am right now writing this blogpost seating in the large living room of the gorgeous Suryalila Yoga Retreat in south of Spain, where I got last Saturday and where I will stay for one whole month.
How did I get here? Well… let’s say that it was all set for me to be right here, right now : )

In 2011, a whole bunch of stressful situations, quite randomly got me started in the practice of yoga, in my then city, London.

At the very beginning of 2014, I finally came to realise that I needed, and very badly, a career change. Along that whole year I got in an intense search for the “dream job”, the job I thought was the change I was seeking. As much as I wanted, and as close as I got in every of the many interviews I did, for one reason or another, I didn’t manage to change jobs.

By the end of 2014, I was completely exhausted and frustrated, because I couldn’t get the job I decided “I wanted”, a corporate role in one of the big world photography agencies based in London… -how little I knew of what I really wanted! ; )


Interestingly enough, by the very start of 2015 an opportunity that I didn’t look for, knocked on my door. I reduced my full time job to part time. And I shifted the rest of my time in working with that other temporal business.

That one project was heavily related with the world of blogging and online influencers. And that collaboration, along with a few other things, was the definite trigger for me to start running Sunsets & Bubbles Blog in June of 2015.

I started then working in my own project, using the things I like doing and setting up the seeds for a way of living that I simply love. I now work as a freelance and live in south of Spain, and although I love London very much, I do not miss living in the big city, one bit!

At the start of this year, the blog was going to bring me to South Africa for a month trip, but it finally ended up taking me to my beloved India. And India ended up taking me to Suryalila Yoga Retreat, in my land, Andalusia, where I am taking on my first Yoga Teacher Training.

Had I got in 2014 the job that I so claimed I wanted, I would have never thought about running my own business, I wouldn’t be living by the beach, I would have not spent a magical month in India, I would have not thought about getting initiated in yoga teaching and I wouldn’t be living a life I don’t need a vacation from! Or maybe I would have, but it would have taken me longer and a much less direct road.

Every single of the twists, decisions, choices, unexpected changes of directions, heartbreaks and so on that we see ourselves involved in, are part of the journey. No matter what the situation is or how stressful, frustrating or annoying it feels or look at the time, it all happens exactly how it needs to happen for us to be exactly where we need to be. So there is no room for regrets or feelings of having wasted time…

I’ve always been queen of impatience and of putting an immediate reasoning to anything that happened to me.
And those are big lessons I have learned:

  • Patience is key
  • Things don’t need to be understood now, they will be understood when the right time comes

I genuinely think we can only see certain things with enough perspective, as Steve Jobs claims in his
magnificent speech in Stanford University
, “we can only join the dots when we look backwards.

Bumpy roads, often, very often, lead to beautiful destinations. We just need to trust that the universe has a good plan for us.

That way of thinking will genuinely save us from countless headaches and a hell of a lot of anxiety flips… Because acceptance is the most enriching and peaceful way of moving forward : )

Does any of what I am describing sound familiar to you at all? I think quite possibly, to a certain extent and in your very own personal way, you will somehow be able to apply this to your own story.

I’ll be writing more on these topics and of course, I’ll keep writing on where Sunsets & Bubbles, my yoga journey and life, takes me to : )

Also! Keep an eye if you’d like to know more about the magical Suryalila Yoga Retreat, this place is simply a pleasure to all the senses…!

Thanks for reading!

Love & Light,

Charo x

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