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Burgers & Travel Bites at Tommi’s Burger Joint London


Sunsets & Bubbles – 23/11/15

Monday Blues? No thanks! ; ) Among other cool ways to start a brand new week -and I can definitely think of a few of those!- Burgers and fries feast from the -to me at least- best burger place in London, does not sound like a bad plan at all…

And this is exactly what we thought when a Monday a couple of weeks ago I met Sam -one of the founders of Tripwire-, for a delicious lunch at Tommi’s Burger Joint in Marylebone…

But wait…
Who is Sam?
What is Tripwire?
And last but definitely not least, what is this Tommi’s Burger Joint best burger in London all about…?!
You may be wondering…

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So… Sam
, together with three of his friends joined ideas and experience some months ago to create the startup that will be launching very soon a brand new travelapp that the modern day traveller won’t be able to leave home without: Tripwire

How the Tripwire concept came together… Well, all the four of them seemed to have a huge travel bug… They backpacked across many countries in the past and they all came to the conclusion that they would have loved to have an App that would be able to provide information, suggestions, tips, hidden gems and an easy way to connect with other likeminded travellers at a certain place at a certain time.

I genuinely admire people with the willingness to follow their dreams and jump out of their comfort zone and that’s a lot of what a startup is all about… These guys definitely have a work hard, play hard mentality and I’m sure Tripwire will take them a long way! Make sure you sign up for Tripwire App highly anticipated first release today www.ontripwire.com and don’t miss out 🙂

Right, onto the yummy bit now! So, where can you get the most delicious burger in the whole of London? Tommi’s Burger Joint is the answer! ; )

It is a strong affirmation, I know, bearing in mind the huge variety of options you get in London for great burgers, most of the times a pretty delicious one. But, to me, this guys get it just perfect. They don’t mess around, this is a burger place and they know how to make them. The perfect brioche, beef pasty, chicken fillet, sauces and I genuinely love their fries too!

Plus, it is such a cool place! With a very casual & hip vibe, this Icelandic burger restaurant is a little gem to be discovered in two central London locations, my beloved Marylebone High Street and their second brunch on Kings Road in Chelsea. Their signature steak burger with cheese is to die for. Check out also for their monthly specials…

Thank you Tommi’s Burger Joint for having us! Looking forward to visiting you guys soon! : )

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