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A midnight swim in the Mediterranean? Menorca Vibes



Here we are, it’s that time of the year… The summer solstice, San Juan Night, pheromones in the air, long days of sunshine and short nights of sleep… this week is the official summer kick off 🙂 

For me personally, this is always a very special time of year, I get even kind of butterflies in my stomach… I guess this probably has something to do with my Mediterranean background. Tomorrow is 23rd of June, and it’s tradition in most of Spain’s coastal regions to celebrate the Night of San Juan.

Basically, this means bonfires on the beach, friends, drinks, food, the smell of BBQ’s all around, acoustic guitars & reggae… all going on until the early hours…

But then there’s the magical bit, which is what makes it a pretty special night… It’s a night for saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new… There are a few rituals, but the most important one is dipping your feet in the sea right at midnight and making your very special wish.

I like doing my European version of San Juan, so ever since I moved to London I’ve had my little ritual every year… Among the most memorable London San Juan nights was one year when a group of 5 of us dipped our feet in Trafalgar Square fountain at the stroke of midnight, or another year with my roomies at the time, hopping into the backyard of our flat through the window to get a little bonfire lit and putting our feet in a bucket of water…

There couldn’t be a better excuse for me to share with you these images of a holiday on the very special island of Menorca.

Menorca celebrates its official annual fiestas around the holiday of San Juan and they have it all: the beach hangout, the incredible sunsets, the bonfires, the street party in town and white and blue everywhere you go – it is the Mediterranean after all!

I leave you with the photos… Hope you like them…
And, don’t forget to get your wishes ready for tomorrow night… 😉

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