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My summer absolute favourite: Morning Yoga at La Cubana Benalmádena


Sunsets & Bubbles – 15 September 2016

I have named the article “My summer absolute favourite”, however I could definitely go way further than that and make such a big of a statement as the Morning Glory Yoga Sessions in La Cubana this summer, have been one of the most beautiful experiences of my entire life…

There are a whole bunch of reasons that have made this experience such a special one…

It has been my first real contact with Yoga as a teacher! That’s a big one… : )

I got to see the sunrise 4 days per week for the whole summer! For me that’s like wow, as I never did that before -I’m not a morning person or so I thought-. But guess what, I loved it! Even though some days I was extremely tired, the moment I parked my car and stepped in the sand, all the tiredness faded away to leave just sun, sea & yoga bliss : )

La Cubana, in Carvajal is just such a cool place, it has an incredible energy and practicing in that cute little terrace was simply magical.

I got to bring little Ladoo to a lot of the classes : )

And the most important reason, the people I got to meet… Not trying to be cool by saying this, I’m actually being incredibly genuine when I say I’m in love with everyone who’s been part of this little yoga trip : )
There has been a lot of chats, laughters, breathing in and breathing out, good vibes, meditations, connection and just an amazing energy brought together by every single person that came along to join the practice. From the regular practitioners to the ones that came over for one or few of sessions… Such a cool bunch of beautiful souls! Massive thanks for coming to practice and share!! : )

Post Soundtrack…

I don’t think I’m forgetting anything, well yes, that I can’t wait for next season to get back on the mat in La Cubana!

Ah! In the meantime, the yoga classes of course will keep going during Autumn-winter! Keep an eye on the Facebook page of the blog, I’ll be publishing all schedules and updates in there

Big massive THANK YOU to Gloria, her husband & little Hugo for letting us practice in their gorgeous beach shack!

And if you haven’t visited La Cubana yet, you’re seriously missing out! They’re open for one more week until Sunday the 25th of September. Here’s their facebook page and the little blogpost I published last year on them.

Big love!
Charo x

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