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Why you need to go to India... at least once in your life!


Sunsets & Bubbles – 29/06/16

India, that immense country at the doorsteps of Asia. Lots of different reactions when you talk about India… To give you an example, my dad stopped talking to me for 5 days when I first mentioned to him that I was going to travel to India! haha bless him! They say, you love it or you hate it, there’s not middle ground with it… I knew all along, way before I visited this magical land, that I was going to be in the first group of utter and complete India lovers…

There is something about the Indian culture that I have always felt very attracted to… Its music, its food, its colors, its people, the smiles, its spirituality, its peaceful and chilled approached to life, the clothes, the weddings, the movies -yep, I do love a bit of Bollywood! hehe-

I visited India for the first time last January, and I came back knowing, that I would try my best to come and visit as much as I could from then onwards, as there is so much to see and experience, and I want to see it all!

I mean, I am writing this article from a very personal angle, as I have this massive attraction to the culture, However I do recognise it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, just like everything in this life… But, there is no place like India in this planet and I mean it. With its ups and downs and its pros and cons, India is a one of a kind of a country!

It definitely is a place to go to with a very open mind. The very “Non attachment” concept in Yoga and Buddhism… Don’t get attached to time, as you will definitely have to deal with delays while traveling in India… Don’t get attached to your meal habits, as you will need to adapt to Indian food and embrace it and probably you’ll even get a little sick along the way -although I personally, and despite not having a super strong stomach, didn’t get sick at all -I’ll write another article on tips, dos and don’ts for first timers-. Don’t get attached to comfort, as most likely you’ll have to experience an overnight train or some budget hotel with towels that are not the whitest in the world… And so on… But that is all part of the adventure -YOLO! isn’t it?! ; )

But despite all the craziness, the noise, the smells, the dirtiness… By visiting India, you will embark in a trip to always remember. I don’t really know how to describe it with words, but it feels almost dreamy, like you’re being part of a film at times.

India is genuine, spiritual, gorgeous, delicious, fun, funny, surprising, amazing, incredible, stunning, colorful, groovy, classy, traditional, modern, mystic, sublime, amusing, extraordinary and many many more incredible adjectives!

Don’t let negative reviews and news put you off, and definitely go and visit this magical land that it’s worth a thousand visits! : )

If you’d like to know more about the trip we did this first time and some tips on dos and don’ts for a first timer, keep an eye on the blog or get in touch, I’ll be happy to help where I can!


Charo x

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