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Where Rio meets Berlin – Karneval der Kulturen!


Sunsets & Bubbles – May 2016

Karneval der Kulturen Berlin & Visual Gallery

Hi All, it is crazy how time flies! It was this time last year that I visited Berlin for the first time -surely, not the last! and it still feels like yesterday! I loved the city, it was a very good surprise. – check out here my Berlin post

I had no idea that right when I was visiting, the city was hosting Karneval der Kulturen, which is basically a big party on the street! Have you ever been to the Carnival of Carnivals, the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro? I haven’t either -just yet! But in the meantime and while I eventually make it to a carnival on the American side of the Atlantic, I believe there are great options in Europe to at least get a little hint of what is all about…

Karneval der Kulturen in Berlin this year will be hosted from the 13th to the 16th of May, so basically this coming up weekend! With the big parade happening on the Sunday, 15th.

“This Berlin carnival is a four-day urban festival that reflects Berlin’s many faces. With a free and open programme, Karneval celebrates Diversity.”

The carnival counts on a set area that gathers a handful of stalls selling crafts, handmade clothes, artisanal products, food of the world and much more. There are tones of bands and DJ’s everywhere, performances, soundsystems, traditional dance, popup live music at every corner…

I mean, if there is a word that perfectly describes Berlin, that’s definitely “cool”. It’s a pretty chilled city, great vibe, easy-going, affordable, creative, welcoming, diverse, full of great tunes… Berlin has all that and more and the Carnival gets to offer all this Berlin essence in four days full of good vibes and colors!

I think rather than getting into more details, I leave you with the gallery below this text, for you to see what went down last year during the Carnival. Maybe you can still get yourself a return to ticket to Berlin and join the vibe this weekend!

Happy Karneval week Berlin folks! : )



Karneval der Kulturen reminded me a lot of Notting Hill Carnival, which is the biggest street summer party in London -I can’t wait to be there this year after two years not attending! Yey!-. Check it out, it’s a great excuse to visit London! It will be happening 28th and 29th of August this year.

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