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The Brunch Club at Megan’s Cafe, Bar & Grill, London


Sunsets & Bubbles – 10/11/15

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Place to Brunch: Megan’s Cafe, Bar & Grill – St. Johns Wood, London (NW8 7SG)

My tagline for this place: Cute and cosy cafe on the charming St John Wood High Street
* They have another cafe in Chelsea, on Kings Road.

Brunching with:
Rebecca Goodyear, from Peterborough, England – London based.

Rebecca and I have been trying to meet up since the beginning of summer and last Thursday we finally managed to find a spot! We got introduced by a mutual friend since Rebecca runs a blog too –Biteable Beauty– and we wanted to talk blog related stuff. Blogging can get busy, specially when you combine it with another part or full time job. Not surprising that after a few failed attempts, it’s finally taken us exactly 5 months to manage to fit in our coffee-meeting! All worth as we had a great time in Megan’s Cafe last week talking blog related topics and enjoying their delicious brunch.

Megan’s Cafe Grill & Bar:  
I had come across Megan’s some time ago as it was recommended in some article I read, as one of the top brunch places in London. And we couldn’t have chosen a better spot for brunching with Rebecca, as she blogs about natural beauty, organic lifestyle, health, fitness and wellbeing, and Megan’s Cafe is all about organic and fresh products…!
Megan’s is set as a very cute cafe in one of the corners along St John Woods High Street. The place is very tastefully decorated, one of those places where you simply feel good, it’s charming and cosy.
They have a very wide and fresh breakfast and brunch selection with the classic eggs selection, together with some Mediterranean specialities, like the Shakshouka.
I haven’t tried the lunch and dinner, but I bet is as varied and delicious! Check out here their full menu.

I leave you with some images of our lovely brunch choices, plus the cute cafe in St Johns Wood.

Thanks a lot guys for having us! It was great! 🙂

On this Blogpost:
Megan’s Cafe Grill & Bar – St John Woods High Street, London

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As I am a dogs and animals in general lover, I really liked the fact that they have a little dog biscuits jar for those little hairy ones! : )


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