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The Brunch Club | Counter Bar & Brasserie, Vauxhall, London with Santi



lace to Brunch:
 Counter Vauxhall Arches (SW8 1SP – London)


My tagline for this place: Underground, chic, urban & delicious just off Vauxhall Station…

Brunching with:
Santi – Spanish, based in London 
Andy – Welsh, based in London 

Santi is one of the very first friends I made when I first moved to London, almost 5 years ago, we both ended up living in the same hostel for a while… I don’t exactly recall how I ended up moving to Equity Point Paddington, but it’s one of those things that when you look back and link the dots, you feel so happy that things just eventually happened the way they did. I met some pretty amazing people during those first London days’ adventures… And Santi is definitely one of them… : ) 

Santi is from Valladolid, in central Spain, and he moved to the UK in October 2010, exactly a month before I got here too. He is an industrial engineer and he came to London seeking an experience abroad in his field of expertise. I actually had a crush on Santi when I first met him. He has the exact same effect every time I introduce him to one of my friends, not surprising with those blue eyes!
Santi will have a bit of a moan every now and then about the Brit weather, but he truly does love London… I know he’ll tell me off when he reads this! But he really does! Ha! He definitely found adventure and he also found love in London, and what a better finding?! ; ) 

Andy is Santi’s boyfriend, he’s originally from Wales but he’s been down here in London for almost 12 years. Andy has a pretty cool and international background; among those 12 years, he’s done one-year long stays in Frankfurt, Johannesburg and New York.

This is one of the many things I love about London, the cutest international love stories <3
Saturday Brunch:
I got an invite to try out this New York style brasserie and I decided to extend the invite to other two New York lovers… I met the boys at 1pm just outside Vauxhall Station to make our way to Counter, which is literally 1 minute walk from the station.
Vauxhall is a district in central London, south of the river, 2 stations down from the iconic Victoria Station on the Victoria line. At first sight, there’s nothing special about the area, the first impression might be of a pretty industrial area. But, Vauxhall’s definitely worth a little excursion to explore around…

It offers a great setup for photos, with the tall buildings just alongside the Thames, you’ll get pretty amazing views from Westminster walking east along the river… And there are some very cool gems to be discovered, Counter definitely being one of them!

Counter Vauxhall Arches:
Counter could very well be set in the heart of the fashionable Meat Packing District of Manhattan… It’s just underneath the arches, and it’s an all-day brasserie, serving from a super yummy brunch with a huge variety of cocktails to all-day varied menu and apparently -I haven’t visited just yet in the evening, but certainly will do!- they pull off some really fun evenings too! They’re actually hosting, during the first three Saturdays of August, what promises to be a good fun Midnight Summer Cabaret Night, super eclectic Vauxhall atmosphere! Don’t leave it, there’s only two Saturdays left… ; ) 

Our choice for brunch in this case was: the classic fry-up (English Breakfast) with a very sleek touch for Andy…
Steak and Eggs with hollandaise for Santi…

And the most delicious banana stuffed French Toast with crispy bacon & maple syrup for myself…

The food was tip-top quality and the staff are welcoming and really cool! If you haven’t popped by Counter Vauxhall yet, you’re missing out!

Thank you Counter for having us, we will definitely come back, soon!!! : )

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Counter Vauxhall Arches, London
Tamesis Dock, after brunch, get down to this cool place for a drink. It’s an old boat converted into a pub… Great for a summer evening drink with amazing views over the Thames and the iconic Big Ben… Check out their programme, they tend to have live band some nights… Really good crowd!

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