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The Brunch Club | Regent St. & Balans Soho, London, with Laura



lace to Brunch: Balans Soho Society (W1D 4TS- London)


My tagline for this place: Lively, friendly & yummy in central London. Full American & English Breakfast, you can’t go wrong here! 

Brunching with: 
Laura – Spanish, based in London
Laura has been living in London for almost 8 years. She’s a philologist, works in finance in Canary Wharf. But aside from her corporate background, Laura has a very different and more fashionable personal project, which is [Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken], her blog on Fashion & Beauty.


Saturday Brunch: 
We met at 8am, -early morning wake up call!- in one Starbucks just off Regent St in central London. Regent St. & Balans Soho Society was Laura’s choice and I can’t blame her for having gone for such a great option! Regent Street is a very iconic & pretty street in London, the one that goes from the famous Picadilly Circus all the way spinning around towards Oxford Circus. 
We couldn’t have picked a better day to shoot in central London, it was Pride Day and everyone around us was getting ready with the preparations, setting up for the big day and celebrations. 
We started off with a photoshoot for [Unspeakable Thoughts Unspoken] Blog, with Laura wearing a very summery kimono blazer. Laura knows what she’s doing in front of the camera, she’s a fashion blogger, so that, together with the perfect set of light and wind with such an iconic brackground, made the shoot a pretty memorable one!

Balans Soho Society: 
Balans is a pretty cool place. “We are Balans Soho Society and we live by the philosophy that too much of a good thing is a good thing, the best plan is no plan and that the pursuit of pleasure is a noble one. Even if the pleasure itself might not be.”
Our choice for the day was banana pancakes for Laura and scramble eggs for me, all served with fresh squeezed orange juice. Everything we tried was delicious and the dishes I saw all around looked perfect too. And what’s even better than the food, such a friendly and attentive service, thumbs up to their lovely staff!
We left just when it was all about to kick off for Pride Day. I couldn’t make it this year, but I’ve been in previous ones and it is one of the big days in London’s events calendar, so much fun! Definitely a good one to include in your calendar for next year!

I leave you with a few more photos of what went down for brunch at Balans Soho Society and Pride Day pre-celebrations in Soho on Saturday morning.

Stay tuned for Laura’s post in the next few days to see the full gallery of her photoshoot!

Happy weekend & Happy Brunches! 🙂

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