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Sunsets & Bubbles – 8/08/16

After having worked in the corporate events industry for about 10 years, I have experienced first hand how much effort we put into the external aspects and details of an event, for it to be just perfect.

When it comes to weddings, despite counting or not on a wedding planner, a couple goes through endless headaches in order to get every single detail ready for their big day.

Talking more precisely about the brides’ instance, we want to be beautiful, gorgeous, splendid and shinning! And so, we go into a crusade to find the perfect dress, the shoes that ideally match the dress, the hairstyle that fits, the makeup, the nail vanish, the veil, the lingerie, and so on.

So, the question that arises is, if we put so much energy and effort into looking after all the important external details, such as clothes, venues, music, gifts, invitation design, choosing a photographer, the catering, transport, flowers and a very long etcetera…

Why is it that we pay practically none attention to, actually quite possibly, the most important part of it all, our interior? Why are we looking after our aesthetic aspect for the big day but we aren’t looking after our body, mind & soul fully?

“If my soul is glowing, rest assured, I will be glowing too! : ) ”

I think Yoga is the answer to this question. Practicing yoga beforehand can provide the couple with a way to nurture and nourish, the body, the mind and the soul, inside out.

A true exercise of wellbeing and mindfulness, that will lead to a calm approach during the preparations and what’s more important, to get to the big day with a light and placid state of mind, an open heart and the calmness to enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

Yoga offers a holistic way to work through your body and through your mind, with the perfect blend of exercises that allow you to raise body and mind awareness, something that you will use on your yoga mat and definitely in your every day life.

From the more spiritual and emotional point of view, we will go through topics such as relaxation and breathing techniques, detachment from feelings of anxiety, anger or stress, centring the mind to the present moment, getting out of the stress area and getting into the zone of love and compassion, all through talks and meditation.

Physically speaking, through different postures, movement and synchronized breathing, we work through the whole body, to feel lighter overall. Different sessions and postures can work towards:

Detox, to renew air, cells and energy in the body, getting rid of the old to leave space to the new. Energizing and invigorating feel good practice.

Heart opening, to open fully to love and embrace the new marriage and any new experiences with an open heart.

Hip opening, to let yourself flow wild and free, to let go of excessive control. This type of flow and sequences are working towards helping raise creativity, pleasure & sexual desire.

Balancing, to find equanimity and balance among all aspects of life: Love, family, friendships, finances, work, etc.

All in all, we will build up for the bride alone or the bride and groom, to enjoy the preparations, the wedding day and the happily ever after to the fullest.

And of course, always with the best Yoga Playlist… : )

For more information, drop me a line, I will be delighted to tell you more about it all.

Many thanks & Happy Days! : )

Charo x

If you’re interested in booking the Pre-Wedding Yoga sessions, drop me a line:

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