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Jamaica meets London: The Hackney Carnival


26/06/15 |
Visual Gallery – The Hackney Carnival

The moment summer kicks off, London gets even more fun than usual, -which is actually an achievement, as the offer for fun stuff is vast all year long-.

The fact is that everyone likes a bit of sunshine and open-air and ultimately a good excuse to have fun, meet new people, discover some new places in town and maybe explore some new tunes along the way.

So it’s right to say that at this time of the year is when Time Out London editors get busier than ever and Facebook invites are flying out for you to attend BBQ’s, festivals, gigs, concerts at the park, carnivals, street-fests and all type of social fun events all around London.

Not a bad time to visit London, if you happen to not live here and want to get a good hint of what it’s all about in the Brit capital during the summer season.

Last weekend, the East London borough of Hackney hosted The Hackney Carnival. The day turned out not being as sunny as expected, which initially  was a bit off putting, as we had in mind we were going to a carnival with Jamaican and Caribbean vibes with the weather to match as well…

Surprisingly enough… the organisers managed to pull off a great festival vibe, that the weather wasn’t such a concern after all! The venue was perfect, -it somehow managed to make itself very house-party kind of feel-, the crowd was electric and let’s not forget the amazing line up they put together…

If you haven’t been there before, then this is one to put in your calendar for next year. Or maybe keep an eye on other events that the organisers are bringing to town.

So to give you an idea of what went down, here’s the visual gallery, hope this sets you up for one of the next big London dates- Notting Hill Carnival!

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On this post 

– Resident Advisor. It’s the site you want to check for these type of events. They’re an online electronic music magazine and they know all the cool stuff in that scene. Here’s the info & line up of last week carnival
– Number 90 bar & kitchen. This is where we had the pre-carnival last Saturday. This place is a total must visit, just off Hackney Wick Station, set in an industrial building by the canal. Great food, music & vibe:


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