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Berlin, Germany. I’ve heard a lot about Berlin, quite extreme opposites I’d say… From the “it’s grey, cold and impersonal” version to the “it’s one of the coolest cities in Europe” one.

I’ve taken my pick. Berlin is without a doubt, one of the coolest cities in Europe and probably in the world. The city has soul and that, you can’t deny…!

I guess the Berlin experience, -like many other cities that lie north of the Equator-, varies a lot depending on when you visit them. I visited Berlin in May, with temperatures over 20 degrees and sunshine… That, I must admit, makes a difference, everything is just prettier under the sun…

But, despite the weather, this city has that especial combination of places and people that makes it very unique.

It took me years to come and visit Berlin, as like many other destinations, just was not within my travel bucket list, but again, I’m so happy I decided to pop by!

I guess there are destinations where you can go around as a tourist and get away with it, getting to see the coolest spots. I think, Berlin, like London, is one of those that are a thousand times better, when you’re shown around by a local.

That was my experience in Berlin, I stayed with some friends and they recommended and took me to their Berlin, which was pretty awesome!

Here’s a bit of the Berlin visual gallery, take a look, hope you like it!

On this blogpost & Some cool spots & must-sees… 

Lux Café – This is the perfect pit-stop before visiting Tempelhof Park – Don’t miss out on their delicious homemade waffles…

Tante Emma Café – Bar – Club  This is a pretty cool cafe-bar just off Schlesisches Tor Station, in the heart of East Berlin… Open from breakfast till late at night, when it gets a little more clubby… 
Mikoto Sushi Vietnam Gourmet – Delicious Asian food in the same neighbourhood. They have two other restaurants in other areas in Berlin too. 
Curry 36 – You can’t not go to Berlin without trying the classic ‘currywurst’ – Don’t get put off by the long line, it goes pretty fast and the food is absolutely yummy!

– Try Spaghettieis, German ice cream speciality, they serve it in lots of places, I personally tried it here: Eiscafe Isabel
– Try out a sunset in either of these places or in both if you get a chance:
The runway on the old Templehof Airport I got a bit of a cloudy afternoon, but it was still a pretty impressive place… I can imagine on a sunny day must have stunning sunsets! 

The bridge that crosses the river, just next to Treptower Park Station (That’s the sunset feature on the top image of the post)
Karneval der Kulturen, happening every year around May. Great vibe, food from the world, street parties, batucadas, live music, a parade with sound systems from the main clubs in Berlin… Watch out for the post “The Brunch Club, Berlin Edition” in the next few days, I’ll show better what’s all about at the Karneval!
– Get a bycicle and cycle around, best way to get around Berlin! 

Have you been to Berlin? What’s your pick in town?!
If you’d like to learn a bit more about the above places, drop me a line! : )

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