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Sunsets & Bubbles – 3 February 2016 

Hi guys, I would like to invite you to be part of this little experiment, a survey run by Sunsets & Bubbles.

I would love to get to know you all better, and since physically would be a bit of an impossible mission, – as it is quite a few of you and in many different places in the world -. I thought I could ask you for a bit of your time on return of a beautiful image of my last trip in India : )

In order for me to write more about the things you like, I would love to understand what are your preferred topics, what grabs your attention… Is it beautiful images, is it videos, is it travel destinations, restaurants reviews and recommendations, yoga, dating & love… I would love to ultimately understand what are your main interests & what type of articles you would like to read about.

I’m already enjoying this little experiment, I hope you enjoy it too. I’ll do my best to apply what I learn out of this into Sunsets & Bubbles : ) It is only 10 questions and will take you less than a minute, good luck & thank you so much for taking the time!

* IMPORTANT INFO: The image will be for you to choose across 10 different gorgeous images from my last trip in India. I will be sending it to you in high resolution via email, so that you can print it, maybe frame it and use it for your house or for a nice gift : ) 
I will be publishing the 10 images and giving you further instructions on how to choose your one on the Facebook Page of Sunsets & Bubbles, simply Follow it HERE to stay tuned. 

Love, Charo

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