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The Brunch Club, Larder Edinburgh with Jade & Silverberry, Hampstead, London with Tamara


17/08/15 – Sunsets & Bubbles


This Brunch Club session is gonna be slightly different to previous ones.
We’re gonna have two different places and two different protagonists…
The link, two very inspiring stories of two very inspiring girls… : )

Brunching with: Jade Allan, Scottish, based in Edinburgh

I met Jade some years back here in London, where she used to live at the time. When I first met her, she had recently moved back to the UK after spending 5 years in Barcelona. Jade held various senior positions in digital marketing for different companies. She had what many of us dream off when we finish Uni, a job within your field of expertise, great professional recognition and an amazing package… Who would want to quit something like that?! Well…

One day, when in a shop in central London, she was queuing at the till to pay for a very expensive skirt and exactly there and then everything came into place. She tells how she thought to herself “what on earth am I doing spending this amount of money on something that I don’t even need?” A few days later, she handed in her resignation. She then took a few months off to become a certified yoga teacher and to travel.

Today, Jade teaches yoga in Edinburgh and has found a way to connect her previous sales and management experience with her passion for workplace happiness and wellbeing, with a highly creative approach.

Saturday Brunch: The Larder Edinburgh (EH1 1NB, Edinburgh)

I met Jade for brunch on my trip to Edinburgh a few weeks ago. We went to this lovely cozy cafe just off the Royal Mile, pretty convenient just before starting the day exploring the city. [You can have a look at the Edinburgh Post to discover more about pretty Edinburgh]. What makes Larder special is the fact that you can enjoy a fresh, seasonal and locally sourced delicious variety of food… Our choice for the day was baked eggs for Jade and french toast for me -I seem to have a thing for french toast lately!

Jade’s been living back in Edinburgh for over a year now and as a local, she knows all the really cool spots in town, like Larder. She gave us some great recommendations for places to visit and hang out, like Stockbridge, here’s some photos…

Brunching with: Tamara Pusnik, Slovenian, based in London (in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica as from October)

For those of you who’ve been following the blog from the early days, will probably be familiar with Tamara, as I talked about her and her story on how she got into surf in her 8-months stay in Bali, on my post about Surfing in Uluwatu
After Bali, Tamara came back to London, and went back to the corporate life, taking on a senior position in the headquarters of one of the biggest international hotel chains in the world.
Obviously, London is not the place to be if you’re hooked in surfing, and as much as you can do a surfers meetup and little excursion to Cornwall or Portugal every now and then, it’s just not the same… Tamara went to Costa Rica last December to visit some friends and she fell in love with the place… Long story short, she’s handed in her resignation, has rented out her house in London and found herself accommodation in Santa Teresa as from October. She’s gonna be starting off a business, an Eco-lodge set right by the Pacific… Basically Tamara is swapping the suit and the heels for the flip-flops and the surf board…

Thursday Brunch: Silverberry Deli & Kitchen (NW3 2PS – Hampstead Heath, London)

We met last Thursday for a little catch up brunch in Hampstead Heath, where Tamara lives. We went to this local super lovely brand new cafe. If you give it a go, try their cute backyard. This is the perfect pit-stop before a wander around the Heath. And that’s exactly what we did, yummy brunch followed by sunbath in the park 🙂

Choice for brunch was the same in this case, avocado toasts with poached eggs, topped up with some bacon in my case…

Amazing, inspiring and super cool stories of two super brave girls total practitioners of “Decide you want it more than you’re afraid of it” motto 🙂  I love it! 

Every time I meet these girls I come back with even more travel bug! ; )

On this blogpost:

Jade Allan Yoga – To keep it up with her classes and workshops – She actually runs special yoga classes for surfers in Edinburgh
The Larder – ‘A taste of the country’ – Edinburgh, Scotland
Silverberry Deli Kitchen – Hampstead Heath, London
Will give you more info on Tamara’s Eco-lodge in the near future too… 



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