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There are no words to describe… It just is Festival Number 6


11/09/15 – Sunsets & Bubbles

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Festival Number 6 | A Fairytale in the Welsh Coastline…

At the beginning of summer, we were having a chat about festivals with my housemates and Becky came up with “the most amazing festival she has ever been to”, Festival Number 6. 
I am a bit of a music and festivals freak, but somehow I had never heard of that one… She kept going on about how amazing the festival is and how we should definitely go this year…

And so it became last weekend, we were making our way to Euston Station to take our very early train to Bangor in North Wales, to then have a 50 mins shuttle bus down to Portmeirion…

After we set up our little lovely camping area -and got over a bit of a panic attack realising we had left the double inflatable mattress at home and brought with us my single one (by mistake), my bad hehe!-, we went to explore the grounds of Festival Number 6 to see what it was all about…

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At the top of the grounds, the festival welcomes you into Castle Park, with lots of trendy pop up restaurants, tents, bars & main stages… and of all things, a Swedish Spa. As you descent into the village of Portmeirion, you start experiencing the many magical things and hidden places that are about to start popping up all around you… Acts and performances on the Central Piazza, down in the Estuary for a boogie by the sea, or into the Woods, where trust me, you will get lost in a very good way… 🙂 


Festival Number 6 is a boutique bespoke festival that takes place every year on the first weekend of September… It hosts about 6000 people, just the perfect size for this little hidden gem in the Welsh coastline of Snowdonia. It’s very alternative, it suits all music tastes with a killer line-up to match:

And again, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so I’m not gonna try and explain how incredibly amazing and beyond magical this place is, I’m just gonna leave you with the photos of what went down last weekend in North Wales…

If you enjoy what you see, mark this weekend in your calendars.
But keep it hush hush as we want to make sure that we get our spot next year 🙂 

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Massive Thank you to Festival Number 6 for having us and for hosting such an amazing festival!

Be seeing you… next year! xx

Take a listen to the Festival Playlist on Spotify: HERE

Festival Number 6: www.festivalnumber6.com

In case you missed the previous post about the Festival, check it out here: “An Ode to Festival Number 6”

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  • Portmeiron has been on my list of places to visit for SUCH a long time – it looks such a unique gem 🙂

    Plus, the festival also looks ace and you cannot complain about that line up. It reminds me of Wilderness, Somersault or Citadel Festival, the latter of which I went to this summer, and it was SO good!

    I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog, your content is just so awesome. I look forward to reading more stuff 🙂 X


    • Hi Lucy! Thanks for your words! 🙂 Festival number 6 and Portmeirion are simply magical!
      You need to go! I unfortunately won’t be able to make it this next year as I’ll be traveling at that time of the year -not bad either ; ) – but, after I was there this year, I said I’ll try to come to that festival every year when possible! Will take a look at your blog just now too! Cheers! x

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  • Wow. It looks like such an awesome festival. I’m not into big ones anymore, I just can’t do it. But I like little one’s, family friendly is always good because you get a different crowd.

    • Charo

      Put this one down in your calendar for next year, you won’t regret, promise!!! 🙂 x